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Mirakel is easy to use (We hope so). You have three main screens:

You can switch between the screens by swiping to the right or the left. To open the Lists-Screen you can swipe from the left edge of the device or tap the Mirakel-logo in the Action Bar.

Advanced Features

Meta lists

The Meta lists are lists, where you can not store tasks, but you can define, which tasks should be shown if you open this list. To configure this open Settings→Manage meta lists. There you can create new lists or change the properties of the old ones.


For example, you want to create a list Next two weeks, where you want to show all tasks you have to do in the next two weeks.

  1. Go to Settings→Manage meta lists
  2. Tap on the +-Button (or open the menu point to add a special list)
  3. Set the name to Next two weeks
  4. The the Due to +14 Days
  5. You're ready. But you can configure a lot more things here.

Task templates

The task templates can speed up your daily use of Mirakel. For example you can create a new Task called Today plan project and Mirakel create then a Task plan project with the current date as the due date.

You can also combine the conditions. But consider that your conditions must be the first words of a task and a condition can only be one word.

For example I also use the following condition: Mirakel today fix that bug This creates me a new Task in the list NA: Mirakel (first condition) and set the due date to today (second condition)

Please note:


You want to create a condition Mirakel to put the task in the list NA: Mirakel

  1. Go to Settings→Tasks
  2. Activate the Task templates
  3. Go to Configure Task templates
  4. Tap on the +-button (or open the menu point to add a special list)
  5. Set the condition to Mirakel (It's case insensitive)
  6. Tap Set List and select the list NA: Mirakel (or the list you want)


Subtasks are a nice way to better organize your tasks. You can create for example a new Task shopping and create subtasks for every item you want to buy.

Please note:


Taskwarrior sync

You can sync your tasks with Taskwarrior.

This is the preferred (and best tested) way of syncing your tasks. If you want to setup your own server, read this tutorial.

Please note:

CalDAV sync


For the CalDAV Sync you need an app which supports the synchronisation with Mirakel. We use DAVdroid (F-Droid). Currently you have to install our modified version of DAVdroid: