Help us improving Mirakel!

Help us!

Hey guys, thank you for your great feedback. It looks that you like the new version ;) You’ve reported some bugs and tons of new features. We’ve tried to fix and implement all of them. We hope you like the new version even more!

But now we need your help! Mirakel is a free time project for us. The last month we worked hard to improve Mirakel. But now we have not enough spare time to implement big features. Please help us if you can! Even if you’re not a developer there are some things to do:

Report Bugs and Features

You’ve found a bug? Please send us an e-mail, or open a new issue on jira, with a brief description of it. We will try to fix it as fast as possible.

You missing a feature? Again, we ask you to contact us via e-mail or jira. We will try to implement it!

Spread Mirakel

You like Mirakel? Maybe there are people out there, searching for such an app! Help them and share your thoughts about Mirakel!

Please rate Mirakel on Google Play ;)

Translate Mirakel

You’ve found an error in a translation? Please tell us whats wrong. We will fix it.

Mirakel isn’t translated in your language? Please help us translating it! We are using Crowdin to translate Mirakel. Register there and join our project!

Help developing

We want to improve Mirakel even more. It would be really awesome if you help us developing new features or fixing Bugs. If you need help, we are happy to help you!

Fork the project on github, implement your feature and submit the patchset to our gerrit gerrit or create a pull request!

Now it is also possible to donate us! We are happy about every contribution to Mirakel. But if you want to give us some money so we can buy us a chocolate bar (or two) You can press the button below:

Or flattr us:

Thank you!

Georg and Anatolij