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Setup Sync with Taskwarrior

Currently you should use your own taskd server. In october we will launch our own server which you will be able to use. Please have some more patience. Thank you ;)

What is Taskwarrior?

Taskwarrior is a (not only) command-line todo list manager.

There are also frontends (for Linux, Windows, Mac OS)

Learn more about Taskwarrior

Install taskd

You should use a Linux-Box for setting up a Taskwarrior-server. It should work with Windows too, but this tutorial is only for Linux.

$ git clone
$ cd taskd/
taskd/ $ git checkout 1.0.0
taskd/ $ cmake .
taskd/ $ make
taskd/ $ make install

We tested the server only with this version, you can try to use also the current version.

Configure your server

First you should create the key and the certificate for the server:

taskd/ $ cd pki
taskd/pki/ $ ./generate # If this fails you have to install gnutls-bin or a similar package
taskd/pki $ cd ../demo/server/
taskd/demo/server $ ./setup
taskd/demo/server $ taskd config --force --data root/ client.allow '^task [2-9],^taskd,^libtaskd,^Mirakel [1-9]'

This setups a basic Taskwarrior environment and allows it to communicate with Mirakel. You should look in the root/config file. It may be that you have to change the server=-line.

Create user

The easiest way is create a user is with our script. It generates also the configuration file you need for Mirakel.

taskd/demo/server $ wget 
taskd/demo/server $ chmod +x
taskd/demo/server $ ./ 

Follow the script.

Run the server

To run the server just do the following:

taskd/demo/server $ ./run

Setup sync with task

Config file

Now you should copy the generated configuration file to your Android device. Then you can easily configure the sync.

Create your own config file

The file has a simple format:

username: foo
org: bar
user key: aa0f8f67-c20c-4476-b1c4-ed72f293006c
server: localhost:6544

Please replace the … with the content of the client.cert/ca.cert.

The username, org and user key you can extract easily from the credentials string of taskwarrior:

Given bar/foo/aa0f8f67-c20c-4476-b1c4-ed72f293006c you have to transform it into:

username: foo
org: bar
user key: aa0f8f67-c20c-4476-b1c4-ed72f293006c
… Rest of the config file …

Have fun!

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to !